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World’s Greatest Warm Up

(for brass players)

This simple tool trims your warm up down to the bare essentials–it’s is the 80/20 principal at it’s best!

I’d love to know what you think — It’s a work in progress but so far it works great for people:

“…your routine, which I do religiously, has definitely made a difference in setting me up for a good day- thank you!”

-M, Toronto

“The warmup worked wonders and I’ve been playing all around my horn since I starting doing the warmup before playing!” – Sal, NYC

You should notice that you get more out of your practice sessions when you start your day with this. I have yet to meet someone who did this simple routine and didn’t experience noticeable improvement within a week!

BTW, the sheet music that accompanies the timer is also available. 

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SHOUT OUT: Many thanks to my friend, colleague, and amazing trumpeter, Caleb Hudson, who inspired this routine!

   Click here to Download the “World’s Greatest Warm-Up” on the iTunes Store

PS The link above will take you to the 30 minute version. I LOVE the 15 minute version when warming up for a difficult performance and I want to save some chops for the show, the Emergency 5 minute version always saves my butt when I have to play last minute. Let me low what you think!!! -Chris

P.S. Often the simplest solution is the best solution: We all know how important proper posture, breathing and articulation is, but these basics are underdeveloped for most brass players.  

Happy music-making!    


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