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Breakthrough Music Podcast – Becoming a Top Performer (and dinosaur fossils, etc.)

Breakthrough Music Podcast - Becoming a Top Performer (and dinosaur fossils, etc.) "Humans are very easily influenced by the things we watch and the people we're

Piccolo Trumpet (vs Baroque Trumpet)

Piccolo trumpet is a super fun instrument to play. Invented in the 20th century, the modern piccolo trumpet is pitched in Bb (or A), one

New Release: “Strobe” by Deadmau5 (Canadian Brass Cover)

I have always been a big fan of the great Deadmau5, EDM artist extraordinaire, and his epic composition, STROBE, is in many ways a masterpiece.

How to Build Your Network: 5 Action Steps

Are you frustrated with your music career? Have you dedicated most of your life to practicing your instrument or voice with little to no income to show for

Effective Networking, Passive Income & How to Get More Gigs

"Just as it's your responsibility to be good at what you do, it's your job to be known as a top performer that's enjoyable to work

7 Tips To Overcome Nervousness (aka Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety) & Become a Confident Performer

Canadian Brass in Krákow, Poland, 2016 Written by Chris Coletti Professional and amateur performers alike have to deal with performance anxiety all the

5 Reasons Musicians Need to Have a Podcast

Why do you need a podcast?  Let me explain: Recently I was interviewed by trumpeter James Newcomb for his popular trumpet podcast, Trumpet Dynamics, which I

Best Trumpet Methods: 7 Method Books Every Trumpet Player Should Own

I owe my success as a trumpet player to my parents, my teachers, and many many of hours of practice from the books listed below.

How to Wrap Headphones for Ultralight Travel (No Tangle Method)

Traveling light is the BEST way to travel. When packing, every little doodad can add weight and clutter to your bag and to your mind.

Baroque Trumpet Fingering Chart: 3-Hole System

The 3-hole system baroque trumpet fingering chart is now here!  Click here to download it. As you probably know, I play a 4-hole system  baroque

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