Have you ever heard of an indie musician getting rich by accident? It’s not common, and it doesn’t happen to just anybody.

But one man is the musician who famously became a millionaire accidentally by creating a website that was so useful it grew faster than he ever hoped.

The website was simple: it gave unsigned musicians a place to sell their CD’s online.

He called it, CD Baby, and it soon became one of the most popular places to buy music, and revolutionized the music industry by giving indie artists a voice.

Originally intended for his own use, and then for his friends, CD Baby eventually grew to over $100 million in sales at which point he sold it (he never wanted to be a web developer, CEO or a millionaire, afterall).

Derek Sivers differs from many entrepreneurs in that he still values freedom and happiness over “success,” and lives an amazingly inspiring life.

If you aren’t familiar with Derek’s writing you MUST read his book, Anything You Want:

and DEFINITELY check out this short video he made called “Obvious to you, Amazing to others…”


For more, check out Derek Sivers’ website: http://sivers.org