Caleb Hudson and I recently sat down with Daniel Forsnabba of Trumpet Academy to discuss music, performance tips for fellow musicians. Topics covered include

  • How to create a beautiful sound
  • How to overcome stage fright (more on this subject here)
  • How to memorize music
  • Practice techniques and the official Practice App

Watch the full interview here:

Quote from the Interview:

“We’re of the school of thought that the music should come first in the sense that the ideas of what you want to sound like should come from a musical inspiration.” 

“We sing as a group together a lot and actually we started doing it more and more, because we’re just realizing how effective it is” 

“A good sound is an efficient sound.”

“Efficiency is probably the most important thing.”

“Everything you do your brain remembers with equal importance whether it was good or bad and you want that ratio to be as high in the good and as low in the bad as possible.”

“We often prepare at a quality that might be down here, but when you’re on stage suddenly you’re remembering all the great performances and you’re expecting or wishing for this [high quality] and that gap between what you actually probably will do and what you really want to, is what makes you feel nervous.”