Piccolo Trumpet (vs Baroque Trumpet)

Piccolo trumpet is a super fun instrument to play.

Invented in the 20th century, the modern piccolo trumpet is pitched in Bb (or A), one octave higher than a standard Bb trumpet.  Many contemporary pieces are written for the instrument, but is often used to play baroque music which tends to be in the higher register.

Baroque music composers, however, had a very different instrument in mind.  You can read about baroque trumpets here, but for now, listen to the difference between 2 baroque trumpets and 2 piccolo trumpets playing this excerpt from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Easter Oratorio:


  1. Chris Weaver February 6, 2017 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    Just out of curiosity, does anybody make an A=415hz piccolo trumpet?

    • chriscoletti January 23, 2018 at 9:07 pm - Reply

      I am pretty sure no one makes this… but you can probably have a leadpipe made for most piccolo trumpets to achieve this.

  2. Les Rogers November 10, 2017 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    first of all you sound f**ing fantastic; secondly those baroque horns sound so warm, wow.

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