Where can I purchase a baroque trumpet?

There are many baroque trumpet makers, but the most prominent dealer in the US is The Baroque Trumpet Shop.  The store is owned and operated by trumpeter Barry Bauguess and offers a fine selection of instruments, mouthpieces, cases and other related gear.  If you shop there, tell him Chris Coletti sent you!

What mouthpiece should I play on baroque trumpet?

Baroque trumpet receivers are much larger than modern trumpet receivers, meaning you will need to get an adapter to use your modern mouthpiece on a baroque trumpet.   The adapter is a good thing to own as using your own mouthpiece will aid in learning the instrument’s other difficulties, but eventually you will want to play a more historical mouthpiece.  Baroque trumpeters had many size options back then, just as we do today, but generally mouthpieces were much larger (bigger/deeper cups, longer design), had very flat rims, and the cup entered the throat at a sharp angle.  I will post more information about mouthpieces soon–baroque trumpet mouthpieces are a small obsession of mine!  I also have way too many so I am willing to sell some of my extras that I no longer play regularly.

Do you play a baroque trumpet that uses the 4-hole, 3-hole (or no hole system)?

I LOVE playing baroque trumpet with no holes.  Holes were not invented until the 20th century so there is absolutely nothing historic about the holes on baroque trumpets.  That being said, the intonation and accuracy of a modernized baroque trumpet is significantly better, and the sound is very similar, so nearly all baroque trumpeters use trumpets with either a 3 or 4 hole system.   I play the 4-hole system which has, in my opinion, more difficult fingering but better accuracy and intonation.  I also like that the 4-hole system trumpets are wound similarly to the trumpets of the baroque period; 3-hole system trumpets are wrapped tighter (easier to travel with as they fit in a normal trumpet case), and come apart quicker (better for discreetly emptying spit in a concert), but they do not look anything like trumpets made in the baroque period.  Click here to get a free 4-hole fingering chart.

What is the best baroque trumpet brand/maker to buy?

Coming soon…


This post is admittedly short and incomplete–leave comments and I will answer your baroque trumpet questions  and add pictures and links soon!


PS I have some Baroque trumpet mouthpieces that I 3D printed in PLA plastic so I could try them out before buying the metal versions; stay tuned and I will post these pictures and maybe even record a video sampling each one and it’s different qualities.

PPS Check out my other posts on the baroque trumpet, including a picture of my playing a beautiful replica (no-holes!) trumpet from Nuremberg!