Ultimate Finger Dexterity Exercise: “FINGER TWISTERS”

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Advanced finger studies for trumpet, cornet and horn.


Developing fast fingers is one of the quickest and easiest upgrades one can make to their playing.

Unlike lip flexibility and range which can take a lifetime to develop, fast fingers is something that improves with simple repetition.

The problem?

It can be really boring.

The solution?

FINGERLIP TWISTERS (yep, that’s a thing now.)

In an effort to help make your fingers as fast as possible, I scoured the repertoire for the toughest licks in classical music, and here’s what came of it: 5 finger dexterity studies that sound great (the exercises are snippets of Beethoven, Paganini, Bach and other greats, after all), are fun to learn yet difficult to master.  And like any good finger speed study, they can’t be outgrown–one can always make them cleaner, faster, in more keys, etc.




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