If you enjoyed my other Schumann étude, “Florestan” from Carnaval, you will also love this one: “Coquette,” also from Carnaval.

Warning: like Florestan, this étude is HARD. It’s very challenging musically, has many tempo changes, has a lot of implied counterpoint, skips around a lot, uses the entire note range and dynamic range of the horn, and is a TON of fun to play.   Enjoy!

PS This and all of my other études are available as trombone études, horn études and tuba études as well… just email me at to request it.

Some tips:

  • Keep it easy.  This étude is all over the map; play nice and light or risk ruining your chops forever (hehe, dramatic, I know)
  • Focus on the contrasting musical styles–they change quite frequently and sporadically.  Listen to a sample of Canadian Brass’ version below.
  • Good luck!


You may also want to check out Florestan, another difficult ètude from Carnaval.