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Baroque Trumpet Fingering Chart: 4-hole system

Have you ever wanted to try a baroque trumpet? This post should help get you started. Download the baroque trumpet fingering chart here (4-hole

Dream Career – Principles and Tactics that Lead to Success in Music–and Everything Else

In 2015 I wrote an article published in the International Trumpet Guild titled Dream Career - Principles and Tactics that Lead to Success in Music--and Everything

Jaw Pain

Happy Father's Day! Back around Father's Day, 2005 (during my undergrad at Manhattan School of Music), I was MORE than thrilled to learn that for the first concert

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Free Sheet Music

One of the quickest ways to get better at the trumpet is also one of the most fun: playing duets with your friends! When I

Duke Ellington: I don’t need time, I need a deadline

I love how Duke Ellington responded with when asked how he was able to accomplished so much: "I don't need time, I need a deadline." You

Practicing vs. Over practicing

Practicing vs. Over practicing                    "It is vain to do with more what can be done with

Letter to a Young Trumpeter

A young young trumpeter recently emailed me asking for advice in advance of some upcoming auditions.  He wanted to know how he should prepare and,

Not enough Time? What’s your inspiration?

Have you ever felt like you had TOO MUCH TIME? Probably not recently, so here’s my spiel:   Don’t let yourself fall in the ‘not-enough-time’ trap!     In business, the saying goes, “most people are too busy making a living to make any real money.”   Often the solution is inspiration.  Having the right role models will help you to think beyond your comfort zone and achieve more. Keep in mind, it’s unlikely that any one person will inspire you with everything they do, so you should have many.   Some of my inspirations:   I am inspired by Gandhi for his ability to win the hearts of the world with his strong morals paired with some of the most eloquent speaking of all time–I mean, he freed India with peaceful protests–that’s the equivalent of ONE MAN convincing the USA to just give Hawaii back to Hawaiians.  It sounds absurd! But it happened to India [British Empire gave India back to the Indian people (abridged story)].  Gandhi thought big.   I am inspired by Elon Musk for his non-stop drive to create things that alter the world.  Elon thinks big.   I am inspired by Wynton Marsalis for achieving absolute mastery at Classical trumpet and having a successful touring career, becoming a top jazz artist, AND building a brand that generates millions of dollars a year using jazz, a style that had notoriously been synonymous with poor musicians. Wynton thinks big!   Who are you heroes?  Write to me or comment below.   The greatest achievements in life do not have a clear path leading to them.  However, those that climb the mountain do leave clues pointing to the top… keep your ear to the ground and stay inspired.   DREAM BIG!   -Chris  


Study with Chris Coletti at Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music (City University of New York)   The Clock Tower at Brooklyn College is as iconic as it is timely. Dear friends, family and teachers of trumpeters! As you probably know, I recently started teaching trumpet at City University of New York’s Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. It’s been a blast watching my current students grow this semester. I am currently undergoing the recruitment process for my trumpet studio. The school is exceptional academically; I am working on building on its already solid musical foundation. In other words, I want more trumpeters! If you or anyone you know might know someone who might be interested, or anyone who they may know who might be interested, or anyone who might know anyone who might know someone who might know someone else who is interested or–you get the point–I would be most gracious if you would kindly recommend they consider contacting me about more info. The school is notoriously INexpensive (only a few thousand dollars/semester) and located on a gorgeous 35 acre campus in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. I recognize that I may be treading on delicate turf as some of you may be recruiting for your own studio, therefore I am approaching you humbly and respectfully, merely hoping that this email find itself in the inbox of an interested trumpet student, teacher or parent.   I appreciate you taking the time to read this!   Click here to navigate to the admissions page.   The Lily Pond on campus at Brooklyn College is used for outdoor performances during the warmer seasons.   Chris playing Flight of the Bumble Bee with Canadian Brass: // Post by Christopher M Coletti.

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