Ithaca College FAQ

How many students are in the Ithaca College trumpet studio? 
Each year the number of students in the studio changes depending on how many students graduate the year before and how many are accepted. Typically both trumpet professors teach 12-16 students each.

Is it possible to visit the campus prior to my audition?
Yes. Email me and Dr. Witek and are happy to meet with you, discuss the program, and offer a sample lesson (schedule permitting). During your visit we will introduce you to current the current studio and invite you to attend large ensemble rehearsals and sit in on our trumpet repertoire and pedagogy class (Monday’s from 4-4:50).  

Are scholarships available?
Yes, every applicant is considered for talent and merit scholarship. Please visit the scholarship page for more information. 

What should I plan to play for my Audition?
Please see the audition page for more information on repertoire requirements and links to apply.

**IMPORTANT: Before scheduling a visit, please fill out the form on right side of this page.**