Essential Sheet Music, Gear and  Books for Trumpeters

I get lots of questions about what gear I use, what etude books I use in my teaching, and what I expect my students to bring on their first day at Ithaca College.  Well, folks, this is that list.  If you are an IC student, you will have already seen this in an email from yours truly, but you can use this post as a reference.


In addition to a list of everything you need to get started, I’ve included links to buy everything to make your life easier (thank me later).  I tend to shop at Amazon, SheetMusic Plus and Hickey’s. Each vendor has it’s advantages, and if price matters to you, its’ worth noting that the cheapest price isn’t always found at the same store. Hickey’s, as you know, is local to Ithaca, has nearly everything in stock, can deliver to IC for free and has excellent service. Amazon delivers quickly and for free if you have Prime for most products.  As a student, you can get Amazon Prime free for 6 months and 1/2 price after that (until you graduate).  Non-students can get Amazon Prime here, and using this link helps support this site. SheetMusicPlus has an enormous selection and great prices.  In the end, how you shop is your choice, and the links will only help you research the best prices and get everything you need quickly and easily. 

Sheet music:

* Arban – Complete Method (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon | Hickey’s)
* Clarke – Technical Studies (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon | Hickey’s)
* Clarke – Characteristic Studies (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon | Hickey’s)
* Charlier – 36 Etudes Trancendantes (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon (out of stock) | Hickey’s)
* Brandt – 34 Etudes (Nagel) (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon (not available for Prime shipping) | Hickey’s)
* Schlossberg – Daily Drills and Technical Studies for Trumpet (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon | Hickey’s)
* Concone – Lyrical Studies (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon (not available for Prime shipping) | Hickey’s)
* Bai Lin – Lip Flexibilities (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon | Hickey’s)
* Gekker – Articulation Studies (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon (not available for Prime shipping) | Hickey’s)
* Irons – 27 Groups of Exercises (SheetMusicPlus | Amazon | Hickey’s)

Instrument, mutes and cleaning supplies:

* TE Tuner App (iOS | Android)
* Professional Bb trumpet (Ex: Bach Stradivarius 37 Yamaha Chicago, or equivalent).  Must have adjustable 1st and 3rd valve slides.
* 3rd valve slide extra long stop (required for performance majors only) (Hickey’s)
* Valve oil (Hetman #2 or Monster), tuning slide grease (Hetman #10) and slide lubricant (Hetman #7) and cleaning supply kit: snake, mouthpiece and valve brush (Amazon | Hickey’s)
* Metal straight mute: Denis Wick (Amazon | Hickey’s), Tom Crown (Amazon | Hickey’s) or Jo-Ral (Amazon | Hickey’s)
* Cup mute: Denis Wick Adjustable (Amazon | Hickey’s) or Humes & Berg “Stonelined” (Amazon | Hickey’s)
* Harmon mute – wow-wow (good) (Amazon | Hickey’s) or Jo-Ral Harmon (best) (Amazon)
NOTE: Additional etude books and solos will be required on an individual basis.  While a lot of music is available for free (in the library or, please budget and expect to purchase more music over the course of your time at IC.  This is music you will use for the rest of your life.



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