You may have heard, New York City Opera needs YOUR help NOW; $1 million needs to be raised to avoid a shut down.

If you love NYC Opera’s unique contribution to NYC’s art scene, click here to be taken to the campaign page.

Also, watch this video:

[kickstarter url= width=640] Help NYC Opera continue producing the world’s most daring and imaginative opera.

Here is a snippet of an email I just received from my good friend Jayce Ogren, Music Director of NYC Opera.
“While companies across the U.S. and the world are doing only what’s safe, we’re doing what’s timely, vital and exciting…. If this campaign is successful, we will be secure and stable for the next two seasons and beyond.  We’ve balanced our budget for the past two seasons, our productions have been critically acclaimed, and our performances have sold to near capacity every single night.  We’re The People’s Opera, and what we offer doesn’t exist at The Met or anywhere else.  We’re accessible, we’re revolutionary, we connect.  We’re doing something truly special and valuable.  I hope New York City Opera will have your support.”
I hope you consider supporting the NYC Opera; NYC will be better for it.